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Dialogues of the Carmelites 2023

Dialogues of the Carmelites - Richard Burton Theatre Company (RWCMD) 
Director: Rachael Hewer
Costume Designer: Shane Erickson
Photography: Kirsten Mcternan 

​I worked on Dialogues of the Carmelites as the pattern cutter. I drafted the nun's habit pattern and created four sizes that would fit the range of performers. The pattern was based on an original Carmelite nun habit supplied by the designer. Using this I drafted a wimple, tunic, and apron pattern. I made two sizes of the apron and scaled the tunic pattern to create the four sizes. I chose the sizes by grouping the measurements of the cast together and graphing them which ended up falling into four distinct groups.  I created toiles for each size. These were used to fit the tunics and measure the hem and sleeve length on the performers and as a guide for the costume makers to follow when constructing them. Using the patterns I estimated the total fabric that would be needed for 24 tunics, which was 150 meters.

Notes and Patterns

BA3 General_Assignment Notes -6.jpg

Toile fittings 

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